Performance Reports

County Performance Reports

The County Performance Report provides insight into departmental responsibilities, accomplishments, challenges and measures of performance. Both qualitative and quantitative measures of performance provide accountability, acknowledge operational improvement, evaluate programs, monitor contracts, and report the allocation of resources.

For policy makers, the Performance Report can help focus attention on success indicators. This enables them to raise issues related to efficient and effective use of resources and to identify appropriate changes.

For others, the Performance Report is useful for understanding both County operations and the efforts of departments to balance output, quality control, and community outcomes. The report can also provide insight into the dynamic circumstances and external influences pressuring departments while they conduct their business.

Presentation of Performance Reports

The County Performance Report is presented to the Board of Supervisors in conjunction with the Recommended Budget. It is a collaborative effort between the departments and the County Administrator's Office, which provides assistance to the Departments and produces the Report. Performance Reports for County Departments