Housing and Community Improvement

The Housing and Community Improvement (HCI) Division of DCD administers a variety of programs and initiatives that serve some of our most vulnerable residents and improve our communities. These programs include the County’s inclusionary housing ordinance, State grants and monitoring for affordable housing, multifamily bond issuances, mortgage credit certificates, Livable Communities Trust, Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investments Partnerships Program (HOME), and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). 

Through the CDBG, HOME, and ESG programs, HCI uses federal funds to subsidize new affordable housing construction, non-profit service delivery such as meal delivery to seniors, shelter for the unhoused, and home repair for seniors and low-income households, among other activities. 

HCI also houses the County’s economic development efforts, with the flagship Northern Waterfront Economic Development Initiative. Depending on the program, HCI’s work ranges in geographic scope from solely the unincorporated communities of the County, to a subgroup of cities and communities, to the “Urban County” (the entire county minus the cities of Concord, Pittsburg, Antioch, and Walnut Creek), to countywide.

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