Check Permit Status and Payment Information

If you are new to our ePermits Center, please use our tutorial (PDF)s to help navigate the ePermits Center.

Check Your Building/Grading Permit Status

Check your Building or Grading Permit status through our ePermit Center
Tutorial: How to Check Permit/Application Status (PDF)

Check Your Planning Application Status

Check your Planning Application status through our ePermit Center
Tutorial: How to Check your Permit/Application Status (PDF)

Making Payments through ePermit Center 

You can make payments through the ePermit Center for permits and planning applications
Log in is not required to make payments.
If you need a receipt, you can log into ePermits or request a receipt from staff assigned to your project. 

How to Make a Payment in the ePermit Center

  1. Start by clicking Building or Planning at the top of the page
  2. Choose "Search Application" for a Building or Planning
  3. Search by the application's site address or project number that starts with BI for building permits or CD for planning applications.
    Search tip: For addresses with a direction like 123 N Rancho Court, enter N Ranch in the street name field. 

Follow these guides:

How to Make a Payment Guide (PDF) 

View other payment options and convenience fee information for online payments.


Land Development Fee Schedule (PDF)
ICC Building Valuation Data for Square Foot Construction Costs (PDF)
Building Permit Fees Explanation (PDF)