Adoption Fees

Important note:All dogs, cats, and rabbits must be spayed or neutered before adoption.

PetsAdoption Fee
Spay or Neuter
Rabies Shot
License Fee
Male dog$16$60 to $135$6$20 to $40$27$129 to $224
Female dog$16$75 to $195$6$20 to $40$27$144 to $284
Male cat$11$40 to $42$6$20 to $40$27$104 to $126
Female cat$11$50 to $63$6$20 to $40$27$114 to $147
Rabbit$11$47 to $53n/an/an/a$58 to $64

Other animals (horses, sheep, goats, etc.) are based on a sealed bid process.

Adoption fees will vary depending on the individual animal.If applicable,license, rabies vaccination, and/ormicrochip fees willbe required at the time of adoption.