Adoption Fees

  1. Adoption Fees

    Animal Fee

    Puppies under six months

    Dogs six months - under six years $135
    Dogs, six years and older $85
    Kittens under four months $120
    Cats four months - under six years $100
    Cats over six years $55
    Rabbits $25
    Guinea Pigs $10
    Hamsters/Mice $5
    Adoptions of cats and dogs over 6 years by 
    senior citizens over 65 years

    Adoption fees for other animals set by Director or by sealed bid process

Important note:All dogs, cats, and rabbits must be spayed or neutered before adoption.

Other animals (horses, sheep, goats, etc.) are based on a sealed bid process.

Adoption fees will vary depending on the individual animal. If applicable, license, rabies vaccination, and/or microchip fees will be required at the time of adoption.