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This web conferencing tool, including all related equipment, data, and Internet access, is the property of the Contra Costa County Department of Child Support Services (CCC DCSS), may contain U.S. Government information, and is for authorized users only. Unauthorized use, misuse, or modification of this tool, or of the data contained herein or in transit to/from it, is prohibited by State and Federal law including, but not limited to: California Penal Code section 502, California Family Code section 17212, Title 18, United States Code section 1030, DCSS Information Security Policy and may subject the individual to criminal and civil penalties pursuant to Title 26, United States Code section 7213, 7213A (the Taxpayer Browsing Protection Act), and 7431. Operating this web conferencing tool constitutes consent to monitoring of all network activity and analysis of all data being communicated, transmitted, processed, or stored within the tool by a user.  Evidence of unauthorized use collected during monitoring may be used for administrative, criminal or other adverse action. Operating and participating in this web conferencing tool also constitutes consent to providing information to CCC DCSS in this video format. The information contained herein is confidential and subject to the laws and policies regulating Confidential Information and Personally Identifiable Information, including, but not limited to California Family Code 17212.

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