Spay / Neuter Fees

Cat laying upside down in basket

  1. Public Spay / Neuter Clinic Fees

    Spay: FemaleFee
    Dogs 50 pounds to 65 pounds$172
    Dogs 20 pounds to 50 pounds$140
    Dogs under 20 pounds$121

    Neuter: MaleFee
    Dogs 50 pounds to 90 pounds$107
    Dogs 20 pounds to 50 pounds$89
    Dogs under 20 pounds$73

    Spay/Neuter Deposit FeesFee
    Cats adopted from CCAS$50
    Dogs adopted from CCAS$75
    Public S/N Deposit (applied to S/N fee at time of appt. (Non-refundable if no show)$65

    Other Fees

    • Late animal pickup fee - prorated per hour for each hour an animal remains after pickup time: $6.00 per hour
    • Additional charge for animals in heat, pregnant, or cryptorchid: $39