Spay / Neuter Fees


A $31 additional fee will be charged for failure to give 24-hour notice if unable to keep the surgery appointment.

A boarding fee of $1.05 per hour will be charged for each hour an animal remains after pick up time.

Female Dog Spays
Under 20 pounds$94
20-50 pounds$115
50-100 pounds$150
Over 100 pounds$195

Female cat spay$63
Male cat neuter$42

Additional Charge
Animals in heat or pregnant$25
Male Dog Neuters
Under 20 pounds$68
20-50 pounds$88
50-100 pounds$109
Over 100 pounds$135

Penalty Fees
No-show/missed appointment fee$31
Late animal pick-up (prorated by hour)$1.05 per hour

Cat laying upside down in basket