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Urgent Update

We are unable to accept any healthy dogs, cats or kittens at this time due to the situation with Covid-19. 

Although it is not ideal or popular, at this time we are asking the public to leave found animals in place, as they may already be close to home and found by their owners. Adult cats and dogs should be left in place. Always check pets for ID if you are able to do so safely. We recommend using social media sites such as NextDoor and FidoAlert to help locate an owner. If you are able to safely secure a dog and provide for its care while looking for the owner, please do so. Social media sites can also help you find another community member to hold on to the pet, if you are not able to keep it secured. Please visit our Reporting a Found Pet Page for more information and resources.

Kittens should be left in place as they are waiting for their mother to return. If you choose to take in kittens, we will not be able to accept them at the shelter. Please see the following resources to help you care for kittens.

Caring for Kittens:



Search Our Shelters for Your Lost Pet

Access Pet Harbor.com here, an online tool that helps you search for your pet.

Search Our Shelters for Your Lost Pet

Go to Findingrover.com to register lost pets and search for found pets. If you find a pet, please register them at Findingrover.com so that their owners can find them. 

Reporting a Lost Pet

Learn about the efforts you can make to find your pet in a timely manner.

Reporting a Lost Pet

Reporting a Found Pet

Find out what to do if you find a stray pet.

Reporting a Found Pet

Reclaiming Your Pet From CCAS

Did you find your pet on our website? Here’s what you need to do.

How to Keep your Pet from Getting Lost

Learn about efforts you can take to prevent your pet from getting lost.

Hints & Tips

Tips for Finding Your Lost Pet

If your pet is lost, here are some steps to take to find him.