I Lost My Pet

Animals impounded at Contra Costa Animal Services are held a minimum of 3 business days in order to give an owner the opportunity to find their lost pet. The hold is extended to 5 business days with some form of identification, and 10 business days with their current Contra Costa County license tag. Once the holding period has ended, an animal may be placed for adoption, transferred to another shelter or a rescue group, or euthanized. An animal may be euthanized immediately if the animal is suffering from a serious medical condition or injury and/or is not responding to treatment.

It’s also possible that a Good Samaritan may have found your pet and is keeping them in their own home. Make sure to search the pets found by the public below.

Reporting Your Lost Pet

You may file a report of your lost pet(s) by clicking the appropriate link below. You will be given the option to upload a photo of your pet(s), please select a well-lit photo that includes the pet’s face and body. You will receive automated email notifications when an animals matching your request is reported in the area, and our volunteers may reach out to you for updates.

Search Contra Costa Animal Services for your lost pet
Our online listing of stray animals is updated about every hour.







Animals don’t know city limits, and it’s possible they may have been relocated from out of Contra Costa County. Check with other shelters in the area and visit our Resources page for additional hints and tips to increase the chance of getting your pet back home.

How to reclaim your pet impounded at CCAS

If you do find that your pet is located at CCAS, there are a few things you will need to do:

1. Go to the shelter where your pet is located, either at 4800 Imhoff Place Martinez, or call 925-608-8400

2. Bring proof of ownership. Examples of this can include: vet records, photos, microchip packet, etc.

3. You must have a valid photo identification: a driver’s license or passport are acceptable.

4. Bring payment for fees relating to your pet being impounded. You can pay by cash, check (preprinted checks only), or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). The check writer/credit card holder must be present with valid ID.