Lost and Found Resources

All lost and found pet reports are filed online. You may visit our website at www.ccasd.org to file a report, or to view animals impounded at Contra Costa Animal Services, animals reported as lost, and animals reported as found being kept in the finder’s home for safekeeping. 

Animals impounded at Contra Costa Animal Services are held a minimum of 3 business days. That hold is extended to 5 business days with some form of identification, and 10 business days with their current Contra Costa County license tag. Once the holding period has ended, that animal may be made available for adoption, transferred to another shelter or rescue, or euthanized. An animal may be euthanized immediately if the animal is suffering from a serious medical condition or injury and/or is not responding to treatment. Whether you have found a pet, or your own pet is missing, follow these suggestions to increase the chances of getting that animal back home safe!

Resources for Finding Your Pets
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Identification Tags

If a found pet has a collar, check for ID tags and follow up on any leads. If they are wearing a Contra Costa County License tag, call us at 925-608-8400, or email us at [email protected] and we will assist you in identifying the pet and its owner. The tag may provide the owner’s contact information. ID tags and licensing are a lost pet’s ticket home.


Take a found pet to the nearest vet or shelter to be scanned for a microchip, which may lead you straight to the owner. Visit www.petmicrochiplookup.org to research a microchip number. If your lost pet is microchipped, be sure to confirm and/or update your contact information by calling the microchip company. The organization who microchipped your pet may be able to point you in the right direction.

Social Media

The internet is a helpful tool for reuniting lost pets and keeping them out of the shelter. Search and post your lost or found pet on the following sites:

Posters & Flyers

Create posters that are BRIGHT, BOLD, SHORT and SPECIFIC and put them up quickly in the area the pet was found or last seen. Use neon poster board to draw the eye, and keep the message brief and to the point. A short description and contact information is enough. Learn about creating effective posters at MissionReunite.org

Lost Pet Recovery Techniques

Dogs and cats behave differently when they are lost, and their personality at home can give you clues as to where you might find them. Example: Nervous indoor-only cats will hunker down when they get outside and they can often be found close to home, while frightened dogs can run for miles. Visit MissionReunite.org for lost pet recovery tips and techniques.

File an Online Report

Go to www.ccasd.org to submit a Lost or Found Pet Report and upload a clear image of the animal. Your information will be sent to Contra Costa Animal Services (and other shelters, based on your selection), and you will receive daily email notifications when an animal matching your request is reported in the area. You can edit or cancel your request at any time.

Don’t Give Up!

Pets can be reunited with their people days, weeks, or months after they go missing, so don’t give up the search! For more tips and resources, visit our website at www.ccasd.org, which is constantly updated with new animals.