Pre Trial Services


The Contra Costa County Pretrial Service is located at 50 Douglas Drive, Suite 201, Martinez, Ca. 94553.   

Pretrial Services Agency is defined as a local public agency that elects to perform pretrial risk assessments on individuals and provides the assessment information to court (PC 1320.35(b)(2)).

Currently, the Pretrial Services utilizes the Public Safety Assessment (PSA). It is a pretrial risk assessment developed by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) to assist jurisdictions in making pretrial decisions. The PSA predicts pretrial risk of failure to appear (FTA), new criminal activity (NCA), and new violent criminal activity (NVCA).

PSA Matrix – Points and Scales

Factor Weighting:

Each of these factors is weighted – or, assigned points – according to the strength of the relationship between the factor and the specific pretrial outcome.  The PSA calculates a raw score for each of the outcomes.  Scores for NCA and FTA are converted to separate scales of one to six, with higher scores indicating a greater level of risk.  The raw score for NVCA is used to determine whether the defendant should be flagged as posing an elevated risk of violence.

6 point scale

Once the PSA is completed, a report is generated that includes the scores, the responses to the risk factors, and possibly other information. The PSA report is provided to the Judicial Officers.


Clients granted pre-trial services will be assigned pre-trial release levels ranging from 1 to 4.   Each level will have correlating conditions.

pre trial release level


Each pretrial risk assessment tool used by a pretrial services agency is required to be validated on a regular basis. Below is the link to the recent Pretrial Risk Assessment Tool Validation completed in June 2021.

*  View Pretrial Risk Assessment Tool Validation Report