ePermits Center Help and How To Guides

Contra Costa County's building and planning divisions have a number of applications and services available on the ePermits Center, our online permitting site .

We recommend reviewing the information available through our department and division web pages to learn what is required prior to applying for your online application.

Applying for a Building or Grading Permit web page

Submitting a Planning Application web page

Requirements for Preparing Plans for Electronic Submittal (PDF) 

Building and Planning How to Guides and Checklists webpage

Solar, battery backup, generator permit information

Schedule a Phone, Video or In Person Appointment for Assistance

Browse through our how to guides to help you navigate our features on the ePermits Center site.

How to Connect a CSLB License to a Registered Epermit Contractor Account 

Request to Connect a CSLB License not found (Form) (use this if the CSLB license number is not found when trying to associate it to registered account)

How to locate the project address to use for online applications

How to Make an Online Payment (PDF)

How to Upload Attachments (PDF)

How to Download Attachments (PDF)

How to Print Approved Plans for Building Permits (PDF)

Required Forms for Permits Submitted by Design Professionals or Owner Agents

The applicant is responsible for uploading the completed forms to the permit or submitting them to the plans examiner by email prior to permit issuance.

Building Permit Declarations Form. This must be completed by the contractor or property owner whom the permit will be issued to.

Owner Builder Acknowledgement and Verification of Information w/ Authorization of Agent Form. This must be completed by the property owner. 

Authorization of Agent Form. This form is required when the Owner-Builder applicant is hiring a contractor or other to perform the work described in the permit scope. 

Request Forms Related to Permits

Request to connect a new registered user to existing permit not created on ePermits Center Registering does not automatically connect/associate a user account to an existing permit. Staff will review the request and get approval from the applicant if requester is not the applicant.

Request to Update Property Owner Name on Existing Building Permit. A copy of the recorded grant deed will be required to be uploaded with request.

Permit Revision Request form for permits that are currently in Issued status and have a revision in the original scope of work. The revised plan sheets may be uploaded with the request form.

Permit Renewal Request form for permits that have not received the final building inspection approvals and are now expired. This renewal request is not to request a permit extension for a permit that is about to expire.