Season 7

Military Families: They Serve Too

Focusing on the lives of military spouses and families, Veterans' Voices hosts a panel of military spouses that will share their stories and experiences.

Sexual Assault: Difficult Truths

Veterans' Voices  hosts a panel of Veterans who have survived Sexual Trauma.

Suicide- A Battle Worth Fighting Together

An honest and in-depth discussion about suicide from the Veterans’ point of view, including information about the many resources available if you or a loved one is having suicidal thoughts.

Town Hall On Current Events: January 6, 2021

Veterans' Voices examines the events of January 6th at the U.S. Capitol through the eyes of Veterans. They will provide their thoughts and opinions on the historic significance of that day and discuss the steps we can take to help unite a country divided.

CalTAP: Making The Transition

Veterans’ Voices hosts a discussion about the transition from service to civilian life. Guests include Josh Zebley of CalVet’s Transition Assistance Program, Angela Brush of Team Rubicon and Kris Lord of Team Red White and Blue.

Overcoming Amputation

We examine the journeys of Veterans who lost limbs during military service and highlight community organizations dedicated to helping them regain mobility and confidence.

Veterans Battling Cancer

This month's show focuses on local Veterans who are battling cancer related to toxic exposures during their service. The panel will also include experts from The HunterSeven Foundation, The Elizabeth Dole Foundation and The American Cancer Society.

Student Veterans

Veterans' Voices takes an in-depth look at the challenges that student Veterans face, as well as the advantages that military experience can give them.

Digital Literacy

Veterans’ Voices explores the use of technology to stay connected in our modern Veterans’ community.

Where Were You On 9-11?

Veterans’ Voices honors the 19th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. The conversation will be an open discussion of thoughts, feelings and emotions about the attack and the conflicts that followed from a Veterans’ point of view.

Aging With Pride

"Aging With Pride" explores the challenges Veterans face as they age, and provide practical resources and advice. The show features inspiring stories of Contra Costa County Veterans who represent the ideal of aging with pride, including 100-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor Mickey Ganitch.

Surviving Sexual Trauma

Veterans’ Voices hosts an expert panel for an in depth discussion of Military Sexual Trauma. “Surviving Sexual Trauma” will explore how sexual violence is treated in the military culture, the symptoms that survivors live with, and examine treatments that can improve survivors’ lives.