Oak Road Townhouse Condominium

Project Description

The 5.94-acre project site consists of eight parcels and is located at 2740 Jones Road, southeast of the intersection of Interstate 680 and Treat Boulevard, within unincorporated Contra Costa County and adjacent to the City of Walnut Creek. The project site was formerly used by the Palmer School for Boys and Girls and is currently developed with 14 vacant buildings as well as associated structures, including classrooms, an auditorium, a front office, a paved courtyard, a grass field, tennis courts, basketball courts playgrounds, a swimming pool, parking lots and planters. The private school operated from 1939 until its closure due in June 2020.

Artist rendering of proposed Oak Road Townhouse Condominium Project

The proposed project includes rezoning of the project site from Multiple-Family Residential(M-17 and M-29) and Single-Family Residential (R-15) to a Planned Unit District (P-1) and approval of a vesting tentative map reconfiguring the current eight parcels into 19 new residential parcels. The proposed project would involve a development plan to allow the demolition of all existing improvements currently present on-site, including buildings, foundations, asphalt, concrete, fence poles, and landscaping. The major project components are as follows: 

  • Construction of 19 new three-story buildings containing 125 condominium units
  • Approximately 237,816 square feet of new residential living area (293,139 total gross building square feet)
  • Removal of approximately 74 trees, relocation of one valley oak tree, and work within the dripline of an additional six trees
  • 92,120 square feet of landscaped areas
  • 278 on-site auto parking spaces
  • Internal street, courts, walkways, and drainage improvements
  • Relocation of one valley oak (Quercus lobata)
  • Off-site improvements would include frontage sidewalk, driveway curb, gutter improvements including retaining existing on-street parking and street tree planting.
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Current Project Status

The Final EIR (PDF) and Mitigation Monitoring Report Program (PDF) was posted on January 12, 2022. 
The project is scheduled for the January 26, 2022 County Planning Commission hearing. 

Project Milestones

January 12, 2022

Final EIR (PDF) and Mitigation Monitoring Report Program (PDF) posted

October 21, 2021

Draft EIR Published
View Notice of Availability (PDF)

July 2, 2021

Project applications deemed complete

April 21, 2021

Notice of Preparation Posted and Scoping meeting scheduled for May 17, 2021
View NOP (PDF)

January 11, 2021

Project applications formally submitted to the County