Marsh Creek Road Bridges Replacement

Project Information

Project No.:  0662-6R4083              

Federal No.:  BRLS 5928(125)

Project Description:  The work to be done generally consists of the replacement of two existing bridges with single span concrete PC/PS wide-flange girder bridges and reconstruction and realignment of the approach roads to each bridge, located along Marsh Creek Road, approximately 4 miles apart, in Contra Costa County southeast of Clayton, site 1, and in Contra Costa County southwest of Brentwood, site 2.  The reinforced concrete bridge abutments are supported with CIDH concrete piles.  Work includes: clearing and grubbing, tree removal, grading, bridge removal, single stage bridge construction, roadway construction in stages, construction of drainage facilities, storm drainage pipes and outfalls, relocation of a CCWD waterline, relocation of above ground and underground utilities, and pavement delineation.

  • General Location: Clayton and Brentwood areas              
  • Supervisory District: # 3         
  • Contract Cost (Est.): $14,000,000                        
  • Project Manager: Michelle Cordis            
  • Bid Due Date: December 2022                   
  • Funding Source: Federal, local, and water district funds            
  • Working Days: 164 
  • Construction Date: March 2023

Project Links

  • Notice to Bidders (PDF)
  • Zoom Prebid Meeting Registration Link
  • Planroom
  • PS&E package
    Bidders List
  • Zoom Bid Opening Link
  • Bid Results (PDF)

DBE Program: This project is partially funded by federal funds from U.S. Department of Transportation.  The prospective bidders are required to comply with 49 Code of Regulations (CFR) Part 26.  The prospective bidders must meet the project-specific Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal or document the Good Faith Effort (GFE) process.  It is important to note that to comply with the County DBE program’s Good Faith Effort, the bidders must take certain actions a minimum of 15 days prior to bid opening.