About the District


Basic facts about the Flood Control District (FC District)

  • Created in 1951 by the Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Act (PDF)
  • Is a dependent special district (the FC District governing board is the County Board of Supervisors).
  • The FC District jurisdiction extends throughout Contra Costa County, including incorporated areas.
  • The FC District can create drainage areas, flood control zones and other special assessment areas, own property, levy taxes, sue and be sued, along with a list of other powers.
  • Most of the major storm drainage facilities in the County are owned by the FC District.


The FC District strives to be the leader in flood protection, regional storm drainage systems, and creek pollutant reduction. To read more about what the FD District manages and how the FC Districts works to protect the community, please view the Flood Control Brochure. 


We proactively work with communities, agencies, regulators, and other stakeholders to:

  • Provide for safety through flood control protection facilities and programs.
  • Improve our environment by sustaining and enhancing water quality in our watersheds.
  • Market and deliver high quality services.
  • Establish trust by being accountable for our actions and honoring our commitments.
  • Establish and maintain a mutual understanding of each other's interest.
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of Flood Control and Clean Water Programs.
  • Allocate our resources based on a planned program of improvement.
  • Update our plans and programs to balance the needs of all stakeholders.


The FC District has adopted the values of the Contra Costa County Public Works Department. View our values on the Contra Costa County Public Works Mission, Vision & Values page.