Donations - How You Can Help the Animals

Too often, we see animals coming into our care with severe trauma or extreme conditions such as diabetes, liver failure, Parvo and other acute medical conditions (see Bullet's story below). CCAS goes above and beyond every day to ensure the animals get the care and treatment they need, but the frequency at which we see these extreme cases coming in far outweighs our financial ability to provide comprehensive care. That is why we need your help.

Making a donation is simple and only takes a minute or two. Click on the donate button in the top right portion of the page to support animals in our care.  

Bullet's Story

Throughout this campaign we will be providing stories to demonstrate the need of this funding appeal, as well as the far lengths our medical team goes to ensure the animals get high-level and compassionate care. One such story is Bullet the dog. Bullet was a dog that was shot in a drive-by shooting in Concord and taken to CCAS. Our medical team stabilized him, took x-rays, removed the bullets from his leg and ultimately amputated his leg (see photos below). Our medical staff worked with Bullet to make sure he could thrive as a tri-ped. CCAS also created widespread media coverage of this story that resulted in Bullet being adopted by his new family. At many other public shelters in the country, a dog presenting with the same condition as Bullet may have been euthanized due to the high cost of caring for these types of cases. Bullet’s story is a great example of the lengths the CCAS medical staff will go to ensure happy endings and forever homes for the animals in our care. This is why we need your help!

Bullet after surgery

Dark curly hair dog

All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law under IRS Code 170(c)(1) because Contra Costa Animal Services is a department of a municipal government. We are very appreciative of all donations and gladly accept checks or cash. Online donations are also available now by clicking on the Donate button. Please ensure that you are using the most current version of your browser when donating online.

All donations are used exclusively to enhance the care and well-being of our animals as well as provide humane education programs and support through grants to local nonprofits for programs such as pet retention, community cat spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and medical support for at risk populations.

If you wish to donate by mail, please send to:
Contra Costa County Animal Services
Animal Benefit Fund
4800 Imhoff Place
Martinez, CA 94553

A receipt for your tax records will be sent to you.

If you would like to donate new or lightly used items, please read our lists of acceptable and unacceptable items for more information.

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Thank you very much for your compassion and generosity!