Season 8

Veterans in the Great Outdoors

Veterans discuss the benefits of spending time in nature. Guests include Veterans and outdoor advocates, and some whose lives were changed by their outdoor experiences.

Shadow Box: Your Service On Display

The show will look at different kinds of shadow boxes and memorabilia, discuss the reasons that Veterans display their service or choose not to and give some practical advice on making a military shadow box.

Discharge Upgrades: Restored Honor

A “less than honorable” discharge can deny a Veteran of their benefits and follow them throughout life, making opportunities in the civilian world harder to find. This month, veterans Voices discusses “Discharge Upgrades: Restored Honor”.

Veterans and the Justice System  

Veterans’ Voices shares the stories of Veterans who have been incarcerated and examine the programs designed to help Veterans in the justice system.

9/11  - Twenty Years Later   

In a special 90-minute show, Veterans’ Voices remembers the events of 9/11 and the twenty years of war that followed. Afghanistan Veterans reflect on their memories of that day and their feelings about current events in the country. Guests will include Ken De Braganca who witnessed the events of 9/11 in New York, Marine Veteran Mike Hudson, Navy Seal Veteran Jason Tuschen and Dan Blakely, Army Ranger Veteran and author of "The Twenty Year War".

Caring For The Caregiver   

An in-depth discussion highlighting the lives and stories of those who care for our military community. Guests will include Veteran Caregivers, and Shon Tamblyn of the VA Caregiver Support Program will discuss recent changes that expand VA caregiver services.

Veterans' Families : In Transition 

We examine the lives and stories of the family members of those who serve, including spouses and children. With Victoria Terrinoni, author of “Where You Go, I Will Go: Lessons from a Military Spouse”.