Administration Building/Jail Demo & Redevelopment

The County Administrator’s Office and Public Works Department engaged the design-build team of Webcor/Perkins & Will in the fall of 2021 to deliver the Administration Building and Jail Demolition & Redevelopment Project (ADR). The project will include demolition of the Old Administration Building at 651 Pine Street as well as the Jail at 650 Pine Street. The site will then be developed with a Satellite Administration Building and Public Plaza, continuing the County’s investment in Martinez and further enhancing the County’s campus along Pine and Escobar Streets.

The new Satellite Administration Building will provide 74 parking spaces and a tenant space on Level 1. Level 2 and 3 will offer approximately 42,000 sf to house various County departments. Intimate areas will provide quiet retreat while larger spaces will support various events. The project is pursuing a LEED Gold certification and Total Resource & Efficiency (TRUE) Gold certification.

Demolition Update Memo for latest information on the progress of demolition.

corner view
plaza view

Live View of Satellite Administration Building and Public Plaza

Since our last update in April the building’s structure has completed and the exterior has taken shape. In May the focus on site was the placement of the glass fiber reinforced concrete panels (“GFRC”). As this exterior skin was being installed and aligned, work started in earnest on the interiors.

In June, structural steel elements for the interior were completed with the elevator structure and main stair being installed. Framing is largely complete and drywall has been hung on one of the two office levels. In coordination with this work, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire safety installations are on going. As the summer proceeds and interior work continues, the site work for the new plaza will begin.

Did you know. . . The GFRC panels for this project were fabricated at the same plant as the GFRC panels for the new Administration Building across the street at 1025 Escobar. One major difference is that the ADR’s panels were delivered with majority of the glazing preinstalled.

Setting GFRC panels
Installing main stair

The Administration Building TRUE Zero Waste Management Goals


The Administration Building and Jail Demolition & Redevelopment Project (ADR) is pursuing Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) certification.  TRUE is a zero waste certification program used to define, pursue, and achieve zero waste goals, cut the carbon footprint, and support public health.  The ADR will be the first construction project pursuing TRUE Certification, making the County a world leader in the TRUE zero waste movement for the public sector! 

TRUE is administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) and the main goal is to divert 90% of solid waste from landfill, incineration, and the environment.  TRUE promotes the redesign of resource life cycles so all products are reused.  Following these principals the County’s project will have a lower waste output and be more environmentally responsible.  


The County and Design-Builder are working on various practices to reduce waste during the demolition phase of the project.  A few examples include:

  • Reuse of furniture and office supplies from the existing building in other County buildings and the contractor’s field trailers.
  • Reuse of fire extinguishers, lights, interior windows in the contractor’s field trailers and site operations.
  • Pursuing closed loop lifecycle opportunities, e.g. concrete reused for subbase or winterization of the site. 
  • Developing and adapting a Zero Waste Policy:  ADR Zero Waste Management
  • Promoting waste reduction in different operational areas, e.g. the jobsite trailer will not have a printer onsite to reduce waste and all construction documents will be available virtually. 

Reuse efforts will continue during the design with:

  • Salvaging and reusing existing marble wall panels in the new building lobby.
  • Salvaging and reusing existing granite block in the new plaza hardscape.
  • Selecting building materials with recycled content.
  • Reusing or returning packaging of products or building materials that are delivered to the site.

Together these efforts contribute to the County’s goal of zero waste, but on an even larger scale they’re reshaping how people and companies approach construction and building materials.  TRUE pushes each of us to think outside the box to promote a circular economy in our projects.