County Ordinances for Affordable Housing

Residential Density Bonus Ordinance

The Residential Density Bonus Ordinance (density bonus) is a mechanism to provide incentives for the production of affordable housing for very-low, lower-income, and senior households. The incentives include an increase in the maximum allowed residential density in the General Plan and additional incentives.

Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance requires new residential developments to include a minimum percentage of dwelling units that are affordable to very-low, lower and moderate income households. In residential developments of five (5) or more units, fifteen percent (15%) of the dwelling units must be affordable. Developments of four (4) or fewer units are not subject to the requirements of the recommended Ordinance. The recommended Ordinance provides some alternative compliance options, including the payment of fees in-lieu of developing affordable units ("in-lieu fee"), allowing the affordable units to be developed on a separate site and allowing a developer to convey land suitable for affordable housing development to a qualified affordable housing developer. In addition, the County may consider any other reasonable alternative that a developer proposes.