Building Permit Revisions, Extensions, and Renewals

Revisions for Permits in Plan Review or Issued Status

  • Revisions must be clearly described and clouded/bubbled on the required sheets for the revision.
  • Revised plan sheets must not contain any previous County Building Permit stamps. 
  • Your revision may require new review and approval from other agencies (Planning Depts.,Public Works, Fire, Sanitary Districts or EHS). If new review is required, please make sure the revised sheets contain these new stamps prior to submittal. Stamps from other agencies do have an expiration date, please contact the agency directly to determine those dates.
  • Only upload the sheets that contain the revision. 
  • Revisions have the same review time as original submittals, please factor this time frame into your project.
  • Do not schedule a final inspection if the project has a revision in review. Revised plans must be on site for the final review. Any project that is finaled prior to the revision’s issuance will be locked and the scope cannot be adjusted. A new permit will need to be issued if the revision’s scope is required for the finaled permit’s scope. Additional fees may apply.
  • For revisions to permits that were created in person, through the retired Permits By Email method or by an assigned Plans Examiner:
  • Please complete our Permit Revision Request form and attach your clouded/bubbled revised plans, a detailed description of the revision and the original approved field set of plans.
  • If the original field set is lost or unavailable, please conduct a record research request to retrieve a copy of the original field set.
  • If the research cannot find the original field set, the applicant will need to re-submit the original field set in full along with the revisions. Additional fees will be assessed and a new permit may be issued.

Permit Extension Requests

Unfinished permits that are nearing the expiration date may be granted an extension so the project can be completed and finaled. Extension requests must be submitted 30 days prior to the permit expiring. Permit Extension Request form

Expired Permit Renewals

Submit the Permit Renewal Request form for permits that have not received the final building inspection approvals and are now expired. 

Contact Us for Assistance

  • Contact us at 925-655-2700 for questions on your project. We receive a high number of phone calls daily and we recommend that you leave a message. We will try to return your call by the next business day. You may also use the other methods below to contact us with your inquiry.
  • If you have a building code, construction, inspection or planning question, submit your questions with our online form. Your questions will be directed to the appropriate division. 
  • Email the permit center staff if you have not seen any activity on your permit submittal within 7 business days from the submittal date. We receive a high volume of email daily and may not respond to your email right away. Please do not repeatedly email us the same question or inquiry. 
  • Email technical support if you are locked out of your ePermits Center account or receive screen errors while creating your application online.
  • Schedule an Appointment for Help. We offer video, phone and in person appointments.