Adult Protective Services


Suspected elder and dependent adult abuse should be reported to Adult Protective Services, as well as the Police, if that abuse took place outside a long-term care facility.

Many professionals are required by law to make these reports (including law enforcement, health care, clergy, humane society workers). Anyone else may make a report to APS.

The identity of the reporting party can be kept confidential.

APS Staff

APS is staffed with specially trained social workers who provide preventative and remedial services to seniors and dependent adults with the goal of keeping them independent in their homes as long as possible.

They handle all levels of abuse - not just criminal.

The agency develops and maintains directories of services for elder and dependent adults which are available to community members.


One thing APS cannot do is take an elder or dependent adult out of the home and place them in "protective custody."

All services provided by APS are voluntary and can be declined by the elder or dependent adult.

For more information or to report abuse, please visit the Adult Protective Services website.

For landlines in Contra Costa County, you can make a report by phone toll free at (877) 839-4347.

For cell phones or calls made outside of Contra Costa County, you can call (925) 602-4179.