Firearm Relinquishment Forms

Persons who have been convicted of an offense that falls under PC 29810 cannot possess firearms, and will be ordered by the Court to complete the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms (CA DOJ BOF) Prohibited Persons Relinquishment process within 5 or 14 days, depending on custody status. If this section applies to you, and you have a registered firearm in your name with the CA DOJ BOF, even if you do not physically have possession of the firearm, you must complete the BOF Prohibited Persons Relinquishment process as soon as possible in order to no longer have legal possession of it, and to be in compliance with the law. The BOF forms are linked below. 


It is your responsibility to make sure the firearm is secured, to legally transfer or sell the firearm to a private party or fully licensed California firearms dealer, or to report the firearm lost or stolen with a local law enforcement agency and provide the police report number to the California Department of Justice and Probation.  


For more information about your relinquishment options, please review the CA DOJ Bureau of Firearms Prohibited Persons Relinquishment Form instructions here:


For more information about surrendering your firearm to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department, follow the instructions here:

  1. BOF 1022 Prohibited Persons Relinquishment Form rev
  2. BOF 1023 Defendant Supplemental Form_1
  3. BOF 1024 Designee Supplement Form_0
  4. BOF 1025 Firearm Disposal Receipt rev
  5. bof-4546-nlip-09-2016