Oriental Fruit Fly Resources


Contra Costa County is under quarantine in the Brentwood area. Completing a compliance agreement and filling out the proper exhibits will allow you to contingently and legally move quarantined products outside the quarantined area.

If you are growing or planning to move any hosts, Click on the link and type in your address to see if you are within the quarantine zone. (Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine Map) If you are within the quarantine and you plan to move any host, you will need to complete the compliance agreement and applicable exhibits prior to harvesting or moving any Oriental Fruit Fly hosts. (Host List)

Each participant in the growing, transporting, receiving, and processing of quarantined commodities is required to sign a COOPERATIVE EXOTIC FRUIT FLY QUARANTINE PROJECT COMPLIANCE AGREEMENT along with any applicable exhibits. One person/entity may be required to fill out several exhibits depending on the roles they play in timeline of the product.

The information below is here to help you find the forms you need to comply with the Oriental Fruit Fly quarantine requirements.

  • Any grower/manager inside the quarantine but outside the core. (Exhibit G2)
  • Any grower inside the Core Area. (Exhibit G2C)
  • Any harvester within and from the quarantine areas. (Exhibit H2)
  • Any transporter/hauler. (Exhibit I2)
  • Any processor or post-harvest treatment facility. (Exhibit M2)

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has compiled a complete list of links that could apply to you if you take part in any role of moving Oriental Fruit Fly hosts. (Link to Exotic Fruit Fly Project QC Permit 1321 Documents)

If you have any questions regarding any of the process, please contact our office.

If I am required to spray prior to harvest, when should I start?

You may be required to spray your commodities prior to harvest. If you plan to harvest on a certain date, the pre-harvest treatment schedule chart will help you determine when you need to start and how often you need to treat. Remember, CDFA needs to monitor the pre-harvest treatment for it to be considered part of the required treatments. (Link to Pre-Harvest Treatment Schedule)