Post Entitlement Phase Processing for Housing Permits 


A Post Entitlement permit is an optional type of building permit process for new housing projects as part of California Assembly Bill AB 2234. The Post Entitlement permit process typically has shorter review times by the building department compared to a standard building permit and may require additional documentation at initial submittal.  

Does my permit qualify as a Post Entitlement Permit?

  • Post Entitlement permit processing are for housing projects that create additional dwelling units only.  This includes: 
    • New residential units (single family/duplex, townhouses, or multi-family).
    • Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units.
    • Mixed use development consisting of residential and non-residential uses if at least two-thirds of the square footage is designated for residential use. 
    • Transitional housing or supportive housing; or
    • Grading, retaining wall, or demolition permits associated with any of the above.  
  • Post Entitlement permit processing do not apply to additions or alterations to existing residences, nor to commercial permits. 
  • Your plans must have a Planning Approval Stamp indicating your project is Post Entitlement eligible from the Planning Department for your jurisdiction. 
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