Protecting your Property from Floods

Flood Control

As the rainy season begins, remember it is your personal responsibility to protect your property from flooding. Avoid problems by preparing yourself and your property now. 


Know Your Flood Risk 

Evaluate your property. Where does rain pool? How does runoff drain, and to where? Visit the FEMA Floodplain Program webpage to get answers to these questions. Also get to know your neighborhood's drainage facilities. Flooding can be caused by drainage inlets, gutters, ditches, pipes, over-flowing creeks, or levee breaks.  

Prepare For Your Needs 

Visit to get your emergency supplies in order. Plan for food, water, medical, and personal comfort needs for each household resident. Plan an evacuation route in case of fast rising water.  

Prepare Your Home and Property 

Clean gutters. Clear leaves off of nearby storm drains. Make sure pipes and ditches on your property are not obstructed. If you live near a creek, take special precautions. 

Find out more about Protecting Your Watershed, Private Creeks, Sandbags

Report Problems 

If you see something that could become a flood hazard, or if you spot water rising on a street, a pipe leaking, or a levee breaching, please notify the County Public Works Department right away. 

Call 925-313-7000 or Email [email protected] 

If you see a person in the water, call 911. Don't try to rescue them yourself. 

Learn Flood Warning Levels 

Knowing how to forecast flooding will help you prepare. Rainfall criteria can help warn us when flooding is more likely to occur. Learn about Flood Forecasting


Sandbags are an effective way to prevent or reduce flood water damage. Properly filled and placed sandbags can act as a barrier to divert moving water around, rather than through, buildings. If you’re concerned about flooding at home or business when the rainy season hits, you can visit of the following sandbag stations located throughout East County. Please note you’ll need to bring a shovel, but bags and sand are available for free. To learn more about how to properly fill and use sandbags, watch this video.  

The following sandbag distribution locations are updated as of January 2024:

Knightsen Farm Bureau/County Agriculture - 3020 Second Street, Knightsen. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Bring a shovel. Bags and sand are located at the north end of the parking lot next to the building. 

Byron Airport - 500 Eagle Court, Byron. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week Bring a shovel. Bags are located in front of the pump house near the flagpole. 

Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (BIMID):   

7300 Bethel Island Road (entrance to BIMID Mitigation Site) 

7235 Piper Road (entrance to BIMID Mitigation Site) 

Locations have an orange traffic cone marking the locations. Sandbags will be supplied. Must bring your own shovel. If there aren’t any sandbags, please call the BIMID Office at 925-684-2210 and the locations will be restocked. 

Brentwood: 2251 Elkins Way, Brentwood. (next to the city's Recycled Water Fill Station). Up to 10 free sandbags per resident.  

Antioch: 1201 W 4th Street, Antioch. Enter on N Street. Up to 20 free sandbags per resident.  

Oakley: 450 Walnut Meadows Dr, Oakley

Discovery Bay: 1601 Discovery Bay Blvd, Discovery Bay. Bags, sand and shovel will be provided.