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The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) demonstrates that Contra Costa County is committed to enhancing active transportation by promoting access and connectivity for all modes of travel besides automobile travel. By definition, active transportation comprises any self-propelled, human-powered travel, such as walking and bicycling. The purpose of Contra Costa County’s ATP is to serve as a roadmap to enhance active transportation safety and mode share for unincorporated areas in Contra Costa County by providing a comprehensive look at the County’s active transportation needs and opportunities. The plan outlines investments in new bicycle facilities, upgraded crossings, enhanced trail connections, and improved walkways.

On March 29, 2022, the County adopted the Active Transportation Plan, which was crafted through a collaborative effort between the Public Works Department and the Department of Conservation and Development. Outside agencies and groups, such as the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), Municipal Advisory Councils, school districts, Senior Mobility Action Council, and bicycle advocates, provided important assistance to the County in this effort. 

The following guiding principles were used to establish the Active Transportation Plan:

  • Prioritize active transportation investments based on factors such as collision history or systemic risk, location in an impacted community, location near key destinations, and funding opportunities.
  • Shift trip modes by Contra Costa County residents and visitors from motor vehicles to active modes such as walking and biking to create a more sustainable community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provide a vision for arterials and collectors within the unincorporated County roadway network to assist County departments in planning for private development, capital projects, and maintenance efforts.


The ATP’s vision statement is as follows: Contra Costa County will have an equitable transportation system that supports active transportation for users of all ages and abilities, allowing all to travel conveniently, reliably, and free from harm.

The process of developing this ATP began with documenting community needs and input and builds off the County’s efforts in the recently adopted Vision Zero Action Plan. The Vision Zero Action Plan includes a systemic look at safety and collision history within the County, including improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians. This ATP is intended to serve as an implementing action of the Vision Zero Action Plan, as well as guide future grant applications and funding for active transportation projects that support mode shift to walking and bicycling. Additionally, this ATP is consistent with other documents such as the County’s General Plan, the County’s Complete Streets Policy, Plan Bay Area 2050, CCTA’s Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, and the County’s Climate Action Plan.


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