Alhambra Valley Road Slope Failure Repairs

Project No.: 0672-6U6270
Federal No.: TBD

Project Overview

The project will repair the roadway and road embankment along the eastbound lane of Alhambra Valley Road at three locations between Castro Ranch Road and Bear Creek Road.  Repair work will include construction of soldier pile retaining walls to restore and stabilize the roadway embankment.  The project will also include installing guardrail along the retaining walls and backfilling and reconstructing the damaged roadway and shoulder. One location also includes installing approximately 100-feet of 18-inch culvert.

Project Location

Location: Three locations along Alhambra Valley Road, at 1-mile, 1.3-miles, and 1.6-miles east of Castro Ranch Road in the Briones Area.
Supervisor District: I

Site 1 Pic 1 alhambra

Project Funding  

Funding Source: FHWA Emergency Relief Program, SB1 Local Gas Tax
Estimated Cost of Construction: TBD

Project Updates

  • August 2023 - Subsurface Geotechnical investigation and topographical survey underway
  • September 2023 - Approved for Federal funding through the Emergency Relief Program, beginning preliminary engineering

Contact Information

Project Manager: Xiuwei Tang
Email: [email protected]