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November 2019

Welcome to November! The season of giving is upon us and everyone at CCAS is in the spirit. With that in mind, read on to learn about our BIG Autumn Love adoption promotion, the CCAS annual giving campaign and learn about what an Animal Services Officer actually does in this month’s Animal Tails blog. All that and more in this month’s newsletter.
November Giving Drive

November Giving Campaign

Last year we were able to raise over $16,000 due to the generosity of compassionate donors who donated between ten dollars and thousands of dollars to support the work we do. This year, we’ve set our sights even higher for the benefit of the animals! Our goal for this year’s campaign is $30,000 and we can certainly use your help achieving that goal. To donate quickly and securely on our donations page, click on the Donate Button. 

The funds raised through the November Giving Campaign go to the Animal Benefit Fund, which funds important programs such as the medical assistance fund (Panda’s Gift), countywide spay and neuter programs and animal enrichment. To learn more about the Animal Benefit Fund and the programs it supports, please visit our Animal Benefit Fund page.

Big Autumn Love

Adoption Promotion
BIG Autumn Love - $25 Pitties, Shepherds & Huskies*

In the spirit of giving big, CCAS is practically giving big dogs away this November. From Nov. 1 - Nov. 30, all pitties, shepherds and huskies can be adopted for a reduced adoption fee of $25. If you’re looking for a big lug to cozy up with during the winter months (or power outages) we’ve got just what you need.

*Adoption fee does not include cost of license or refundable surgery deposits.

Adopted Dog, Thistle

Thistle (#A0931547) was adopted back in February and we just received this sweet update:

"I adopted her in January and she was a mess. She had just had puppies, was way underweight, was recovering from her spay and had a cold. But you saved her. Now she is healthy and happy and part of our family. "

Yay, we're so happy for Ethel and her loving family. <3 Thank you to them for adopting a shelter pup, giving her the best home, and sending us this update.

Her new name is Ethel. We adore her pocket pittieness.

CCAS animal stats

September Stats Available

We have recently compiled our stats and have posted them on our website. Why does it take so long to post our stats? Because we have a 30 day return policy, we want to ensure that our numbers accurately reflect that data.
Some highlights include:

  • Live Release Rate – All Animals = 81.66%

  • Live Release Rate – Dogs & Cats = 89.59%

  • Live Release Rate – Dogs = 94.70%

  • Live Release Rate – Cats = 85.79%

  • Adoptions = 216

  • Transfers = 214

  • Overall Animal Intake = 796

To view the full set of CCAS stats, go to

The Evolution of the Animal Services Officer

Blog: The Evolution of the Animal Services Officer

“Run Buddy! The dog catcher is here!” A proclamation any Animal Services Officer who has been in the business for a while knows all too well. Animal Services Officers, also referred to as Animal Control Officers, have been around since the late 1800’s. Animal Services departments were initially created to clear the streets of loose dogs and provide public health services, such as rabies control. Since then, the animal welfare industry - and the value people place on an animal’s life - has evolved significantly.
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