Do my plans require Planning approval?

Planning approval is required for the following: 

  • Construct a new building or structure, 
  • Changing the use on the site
  • Changing the size, height, and dimensions, or other exterior changes to an existing building or structure. 
  • Design review for special areas (Kensington, Historic Districts, etc.)
  • Adding an ADU or a Jr ADU requires planning approval. 
  • Business License secured for projects in the City of Clayton and City of Hercules.

The Planning Agency depends on where your property is located. 

Unincorporated County Planning Approval

City Planning Approvals

The County provides building permits for the following cities, but each city provides planning approval. Please contact the City's Planning department below for more information. 

You will be required to upload the approved city planning application and approved plans in PDF format when you apply for a building permit on the ePermits Center.

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