Do I need Sanitation District or septic tank approval for my plans?

Sanitation District Approval for Sewer Service

  • You will be required to provide sanitary district approved plans at final inspection for newly constructed buildings and detached structures with plumbing. 

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Approval for Septic Tanks

  • EHS approved plans will be required at application submittal. 

What are the Sanitary District Requirements?  

  • Sanitary District staff will review the project plans to ensure there will be no adverse impacts on the sanitary sewer system and no encroachment into a sanitary sewer easement.
  • Please see our Sanitary Districts (PDF) page to determine your district and specific requirements. 
  • We urge applicants to contact the appropriate district prior to beginning construction. It is the applicant's responsibility to receive sanitary approval.

The following projects require Sanitary or Environmental Health review:

  • New residences, ADU’s and commercial buildings.
  • Any project that includes excavation work for a foundation or pier, or which upon completion would prevent access to sanitary sewer facilities for routine maintenance and repairs. Examples include new structures, demolitions, additions, pools, decks, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, cabanas, ground mount solar systems, pergolas/trellises/pavilions/gazebos, and carports
  • Residential additions/remodels with new fixtures requiring new drains or new fixtures that will increase the rate of flow into an existing plumbing system served by a sewer or septic system. 
  • All commercial tenant improvement projects will require sanitary approval whether or not plumbing is a part of the project.
  • New or modifications to public pools or spas.
  • Properties with septic systems which are not served by a public sewer need EHS approval.
  • Additions on properties that contain a septic system must be reviewed by Contra Costa Environmental Health.

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