What are your contracting opportunities?

Each County department is responsible for implementing contracts in their department and the Affirmative Action Office implements and monitors the contracting programs in the County. Contact the

SBE and Outreach Liaisons.

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1. Does the County offer a Small Business Enterprise program?
2. How do I file a discrimination complaint?
3. What are your contracting opportunities?
4. Does the County offer Outreach Contracting Programs?
5. Does the County use an online bidding program?
6. Does the County offer Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Programs?
7. How do I request reasonable workplace accommodations?
8. How can I learn more about Accessibility to County services, programs and facilities?
9. How do I learn about County Purchasing opportunities?
10. How do I bid on Consulting Contracts?
11. How do I bid on Construction Contracts?