How do I become a vendor?

All purchases for Contra Costa County must be processed by Contra Costa County Purchasing.  Email Purchasing or call (925) 957-2499.

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1. How do I become a vendor?
2. How do I contact a Construction Inspector?
3. How do I obtain a title report on my property?
4. How do I obtain GIS information?
5. How do I report a train that appears to be stuck and blocking a railroad crossing for an extended period of time?
6. How do I report the lack of garbage services?
7. How do I report unresolved garbage/recycling collection company complaints?
8. How do I transfer title to my child or another person?
9. What am I paying my taxes for?
10. What are the Public Counter hours of service? Phone number? Location?
11. What is IPM and what are some ways I can try it?
12. What is the Public Works Budget?