Does the County Surveyor's Office perform surveys for the general public?

No. The County Surveyor only performs on County owned land, including County road and flood control channel rights-of-way.

Only a land surveyor or qualified pre-1982 civil engineer licensed in the state of California can provide property line location for a private survey in this state. Contact information for these professionals can be found in a telephone directory, by searching the Internet, or by contacting engineering and land surveying societies (see Resources, P. 22 of the Consumer Guide to Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors or California Land Surveyors Association, Find a Surveyor). The California State Board website is another source of information for researching licensed engineers or land surveyors in your city or county where you can verify that the professional is currently and properly licensed and find out if there have been any complaints or disciplinary actions taken against the person’s license.

When interviewing land surveyors ask for local references on similar projects and compare qualifications and experience. Also, ask if they have previous experience working with your local planning department, public works department, municipal utility district, or County Surveyor’s Office. For your protection, the State Board insists that a formal contract is made between professional and client.

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