What am I paying my taxes for?

When you pay your taxes, a portion of those funds goes towards supporting some programs that the Contra Costa County Public Works Department is responsible for administering. This department relies on a diverse range of funding sources, including gas taxes, fees for services, mitigation impact fees, sales tax, enterprise funds, developer fees, and general fund money generated from property taxes. These funds are crucial for the operation and maintenance of over 200 County buildings, two general aviation airports, 660 miles of roadway infrastructure, 79 miles of flood control facilities, and numerous parks and recreation programs. Additionally, the department secures funding through grants and assessments earmarked for specific purposes, ensuring that these resources are utilized in accordance with their intended goals. By contributing to your taxes, you are supporting the essential functions of the Contra Costa County Public Works Department, allowing them to carry out their responsibilities effectively and maintain crucial infrastructure benefiting the community.

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