Is an installment plan available to pay my delinquent taxes?

Yes, but not until the delinquent or "defaulted" taxes have been transferred to the Redemption roll, which occurs approximately mid-July following the fiscal year in which the taxes were due.  

An Redemption Installment Plan allows a taxpayer the ability to pay Redemption taxes in multiple installments. It is strongly recommended that prior to applying for the Redemption Installment Plan, you contact your lender/mortgage company to ensure they allow a Tax Collector’s payment plan to pay the defaulted taxes.  Please be aware that an Redemption Installment Plan cannot be started (or restarted) after the property becomes Subject To Power To Sell. This occurs when the property has been on Redemption roll for more than five years.

To start an installment plan, you must: 

  1. Pay ALL current year taxes that are due (or past-due); and
  2. Make an initial payment of at least 20% of the Redemption amount.

To maintain the installment plan in good standing, you must:

  1. Pay a sum of 20% or more of Principal plus interest (18% APR) each year by April 10; and
  2. Pay all future annual Secured (and any Supplemental) taxes by April 10 of the year in which they are due.

Failure to make the required minimum payment and/or to pay the annual Secured taxes or any supplemental taxes that are due on or before April 10 of each year will result in a termination of the Redemption Installment Plan. Another Plan may be started only after the beginning of the next fiscal year as long as the property has not been in tax-default for more than five years.

NOTE: You may pay the total unpaid balance plus accrued interest any time before final payment is due. If you wish detailed information about a Redemption Installment Plan, contact the Tax Collector’s Office at (925) 608-9500, or click HERE.

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