Who can pull a permit?

The following individuals are able to pull permits. This will be the permit APPLICANT

  • State Licensed Contractor in good standing with the California State Contractor’s License Board (CSLB)
  • Owner-Builder (including a Trust or Corporation) - This may require proof of ownership
  • Authorized Agent (including Designers or Architect) on behalf of an Owner-Builder or licensed contractor. The agent must submit the Building Permit Declaration form completed and signed by the property owner or licensed contractor to whom the permit will be issued to.

For more detailed information, please see our Who can Obtain a Building Permit (PDF)

Important Information for Applicants:

  • The APPLICANT is whomever applies for the permit, whether it is the design professional, licensed contractor, property owner or property owner's agent. 
  • The APPLICANT will be the point of contact for the life of the permit and will be the only permit contact to receive all email notifications. Our ePermits Center is unable to email all parties related to the permit.
  • The APPLICANT is responsible in notifying the parties related to the permit of any updates, plan reviewer requests, etc. 
  • If the APPLICANT does not receive or see any email updates, check the Applicant's email spam or junk folder.
  • Although we allow design professionals to apply online, we cannot issue the permit or plans to the design professional per California Health and Safety Code sections 19825 & 19826. The design professional applicant will be required to identify the contractor or property owner to whom the permit will be issued to. The form below is required to be completed, signed and submitted by the contractor or property owner before the permit can be issued.

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