I want to visit a youth in Juvenile Hall. How do I do that?

Minors are allowed two hours of visitation time per week.  Each hour must be completed on two separate visitation days; one weekday and one weekend day.  Only parents or legal guardians may visit.  

Guidelines: Only Parents or Guardians are allowed to visit. Proper identification, such as a valid California driver's license or identification, must be presented. All personal property must be left in vehicle. All visitors must pass through the metal detector, without alarm, prior to entering the facility. No food or drink allowed within the facility. Some minors are on Special Visit Status, requiring a visiting appointment. Special visits must be arranged in advanced by the parent or guardian by contacting 925-957-2725.

For more information about visiting hours and guidelines please visit: https://www.contracosta.ca.gov/680/John-A-Davis-Juvenile-Hall

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