What number do I call for information on...?
  • General Information: (925) 608-8400 or (510) 942-4530
    Call with questions or concerns about injured or stray animals, lost and found pets, animal cruelty concerns, policy and procedure questions, or questions about animal laws.
  • Licensing: (833) 259-2136
  • Spay/Neuter Clinic: (925) 608-8420
  • Assistance with lost or stray animals:
  • Information on becoming an Animal Services Volunteer:
  • Humane Education: (925) 608-8440 for information on classroom presentations.

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1. What number do I call for information on...?
2. How do I make a complaint?
3. Foreclosure and pets . . . what can I do?
4. What will a dog license cost me?
5. Where are the Animal Services shelters located?
6. What are your hours?
7. I am a senior citizen. Am I eligible for a reduced dog license fee?
8. Where can I find out about dangerous animal laws?
9. Does my dog always have to be on a leash?
10. Where can I get information on animal laws in Contra Costa County.
11. How do I report abuse or neglect of an animal?
12. Who do I call about injured wildlife?
13. How do I get rid of wild turkeys in my yard?
14. How much does it cost to adopt an animal?
15. What are the requirements to adopt an animal?
16. What forms of payment are acceptable?
17. Why does my animal have to be altered and microchipped at adoption?
18. Do you have low-income vet care?
19. West Nile Virus - how do I report a dead bird or squirrel?
20. Skunks are living in my yard. . . how do I get rid of them?