Will I have to submit my college transcripts or copies of my degrees/licenses?
Each job announcement lists the Minimum Qualifications and special requirements of the position. If the Minimum Qualifications and/or special requirements list a specific type of college coursework, degree, license, certificate, etc, then applicable documentation must be submitted. In order to be qualifying, education must be from a U.S. accredited (or equivalent) institution. Acceptable forms of educational documentation are transcripts (official or unofficial), and/or a copy of your diploma/degree.

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable and but must list the student name, institution name, field of study, and date the degree was awarded. Copies of diplomas should indicate your name, the name of the school, a specific field of study, and date of graduation. If applicable, required documentation should be submitted with each application. Please do not send originals; copies of the required documents are acceptable. No submitted documents will be returned. For recent graduates who have not received proof of their degree yet, a letter from the registrar’s office stating that all requirements for graduation have been met and listing the field of study will be sufficient proof of graduation.

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