What is Senate Bill 205 about?

Under the existing law, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) and the California Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Boards) prescribe waste discharge requirements for the discharge of stormwater by municipalities and industries in accordance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program and the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act. The existing law requires regulated municipalities and industries to obtain a stormwater permit.

SB 205 would require a person or entity who conducts a business operation that is a regulated industry to demonstrate enrollment with the NPDES permit program by providing specified information, under penalty of perjury, on their application when applying to a city or a county for an initial business license or business license renewal.

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1. What is Senate Bill 205 about?
2. What is the purpose of SB 205?
3. When was SB 205 signed into law?
4. Where can I find the full text and additional information about the law?
5. What does SB 205 require?
6. Does SB 205 impact all businesses?
7. What SIC codes are impacted by SB 205?
8. How do I find my SIC code to determine if I am impacted by SB 205?
9. What if my business has more than one SIC code?
10. My business falls under the regulated SIC codes, and I have a stormwater permit... so, what's next?
11. My business falls under the regulated SIC codes, and I DO NOT have a stormwater permit.. .so, what's next?
12. What if the city or county I am located in does not issue a business license?
13. Are there resources to help me learn more information about permit coverage?
14. How do I apply for coverage under the Industrial General Stormwater Permit?