What SIC codes are impacted by SB 205?
  • The State Water Board maintains an electronic list of regulated SIC codes:
  • Attachment A of the General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated With Industrial Activities (or Stormwater Industrial General Permit) identifies nine categories of facilities subject to enrollment under the Stormwater Industrial General Permit, including the following: 
    • Feedlots of a specific size (SICs 0211-0272);
    • Manufacturing Facilities (SICs 20XX-39XX and 4221-4225);
    • Oil and Gas/Mining Facilities (SICs 10XX-14XX);
    • Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facilities (often SIC 4953);
    • Landfills, Land Application Sites, and Open Dumps (SIC 4953);
    • Recycling Facilities (SICs 5015 and 5093);
    • Steam Electric Power Generating Facilities (specific activities under SIC 4911);
    • Transportation Facilities (SICs 40XX through 45XX [except 4221-25] and 5171); and,
    • Sewage or Wastewater Treatment Works (SIC 4952)
  • To access a copy of Attachment A, Stormwater Industrial General Permit, click on the following link:

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