What should I do if I find your trap on the ground? Is it dangerous?

Since McPhail traps are made of glass, they can break. If you find a trap that has fallen to the ground and is broken, please carefully pick up and dispose of the glass in the regular trash as you would with other broken glass. The fluid inside might have a strong odor from the yeast, but the material inside is harmless and can be hosed down with plain water. Panel, Jackson and Delta traps can be picked up and placed back into the tree by the homeowner or resident, although if you do so, please be sure to handle the trap carefully. Panel traps are very sticky, and the cotton wick inside the Jackson and Delta traps has a trace amount of a pesticide used to kill the fly, so please don’t touch them without gloves. You may also contact us and we will immediately make arrangements to rehang the trap.

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1. What’s that thing hanging in my tree/lawn/garden?
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3. What if I don’t want a trap placed in my yard?
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13. What should I do if I find your trap on the ground? Is it dangerous?
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