What can I do to help the pest detection trapping program?

You can help by:

1. Welcoming the detection traps featured on this page.

2. Report any unusual or targeted insects or plant conditions. You can report this to our department, the University of California Master Gardeners of Contra Costa, or the California Department of Food and Agriculture Pest Hotline at 1-800-491-1899.

3. Follow any quarantine restrictions that apply to your property.

4. When returning to California from an out-of-state trip, do not bring back prohibited fruits, vegetables, and other plants with you.

5. Discourage your family and friends outside of California from sending backyard produce or plants in the mail. If you do want to send these things, contact our office so we can help you to determine if you can do it safely. Visit the California Department of Agriculture’s information on bringing plants and animals into California and guide for bringing fruit and vegetables into California (PDF) to find out what is prohibited.

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1. What’s that thing hanging in my tree/lawn/garden?
2. How was my house selected?
3. What if I don’t want a trap placed in my yard?
4. How long will the trap be here? Will you place traps on my property every year?
5. Will the person who places the trap go into my fenced yard?
6. Do Pest Detection Specialists wear uniforms while placing and servicing traps?
7. Will I be charged for the trapping on my property?
8. Do I have to do anything with the trap?
9. When will the traps be checked?
10. What happens if you find a target insect?
11. Will the traps attract other insects?
12. Do the traps affect the fruit?
13. What should I do if I find your trap on the ground? Is it dangerous?
14. Aren’t insects an important part of nature?
15. What can I do to help the pest detection trapping program?