Do you have the flow rate at a specific location on a creek?

The Flood Control District has over 2,000 data points where the flow rates have been calculated. Most of these are the “design” flow rates based on General Plan build out2. Depending on the watershed size, the flow rate could be for the 10-year, 25-year, 50-year or 100-year flood. For information on the flow rates that the Flood Control District has for these data points call the
County Public Works Department, Flood Control Division at (925) 313-2000 or email your request.

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1. Does the County Surveyor's Office perform surveys for the general public?
2. Do you have maps and other records available online?
3. Do you have the flow rate at a specific location on a creek?
4. Do you issue tract and parcel map numbers?
5. Does the Flood Control District provide sand bags?

The Flood Control District does not provide sand bags to private property owners. Often, in times of emergencies, the County may provide sandbags during significant storm events to residents in the unincorporated county.

There are, however, locations throughout the County where residents may go to fill their own sandbags. Please note that you will need to bring a shovel, but the bags and sand are available for free. For more information on this, please visit the County's webpage for sandbag locations.

If you live in a City, contact your City Public Works Department for information and/or assistance in preparation for conditions requiring their use.