What services does the program staff provide?

Program staff is available for free technical and financial consultation. The administrative person will assist you in filing an application and can advise you on various questions you may have. Once you have filed the application, a housing inspector completes a survey of the home and advises you on the work which should be completed. The housing inspector will then develop a list of items to be corrected and prepare a cost estimate. Assistance is then provided in selecting a qualified contractor to complete the work. Once a contractor is selected, the administrative person completes the loan documents for your signature. Once the loan is made and the work is underway, the housing inspector will provide periodic inspections to ensure that the work is being completed satisfactorily. Contact us at (925) 674-7886.

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1. What kind of home remodeling work can the Neighborhood Preservation Program provide?
2. What services does the program staff provide?
3. Who does the home evaluation and construction work?
4. What types of assistance loans are available?
5. Is any other remodeling work eligible ?
6. How much will my payments be?
7. How is the loan secured?
8. Is rehabilitating my home right for me?
9. How can I bid as a contractor for the program's home rehabilitation work?