Will the person who places the trap go into my fenced yard?

The majority of the traps are placed in front yard fruit trees or on trees that hang over a public walkway. We do not enter backyards without leaving a notice in advance or talking to a resident of the property beforehand. If you received a notice but were unable to speak to a Pest Detection Specialist about a trap being placed, please call us with any concerns or special instructions about entering your property.

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1. What’s that thing hanging in my tree/lawn/garden?
2. How was my house selected?
3. What if I don’t want a trap placed in my yard?
4. How long will the trap be here? Will you place traps on my property every year?
5. Will the person who places the trap go into my fenced yard?
6. Do Pest Detection Specialists wear uniforms while placing and servicing traps?
7. Will I be charged for the trapping on my property?
8. Do I have to do anything with the trap?
9. When will the traps be checked?
10. What happens if you find a target insect?
11. Will the traps attract other insects?
12. Do the traps affect the fruit?
13. What should I do if I find your trap on the ground? Is it dangerous?
14. Aren’t insects an important part of nature?
15. What can I do to help the pest detection trapping program?