What if I do not speak English? // ¿Qué pasa si no hablo inglés?

The County is providing most some redistricting information in Spanish and Chinese (simplified).  

  • FAQs - Spanish
  • FAQs - Chinese (Simplified)
  • Redistricting Flyer - Spanish (PDF)
  • Redistricting Flyer - Chinese (Simplified) (PDF)

If language or other accommodations are needed for a public hearing or workshop, please contact email the Clerk of the Board at least 72 hours in advance of each of the scheduled Public Hearing or Workshop.  

If additional language access is needed, please email Clerk of the Board.  

El Condado está proporcionando cierta información sobre la restructuración distrital en español y chino (simplificado).

  • Preguntas frecuentes - Español
  • Preguntas frecuentes - Chino (simpificado)
  • Volante de Restructuración Distrital - Español (PDF)
  • Volante de Restructuración Distrital - Chino (simpificado) [PDF]

Si requiere intepretación a otro idioma u otras adaptaciones para una audiencia pública o taller, contacte al Secretario del Consejo del Condado por lo menos con 72 horas de anticipación a cada una de las audiencias públicas o talleres.



  • 问答 – 西班牙文
  • 问答 – 中文(简体)
  • 重划选区传单 - 西班牙文 (PDF)
  • 重划选区传单 - 中文(简体)(PDF)

如果公开听证会或研讨会上需要语言服务或其他方便措施,请在按计划举行的各次公开听证会或研讨会前至少 72 小时联系县议会书记官。

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1. What is Redistricting?
2. Who is responsible for deciding the new supervisorial district boundaries?
3. Why does redistricting matter to me?
4. What do the current Supervisorial districts look like?
5. What criteria will the County Board use when drawing district lines?
6. How will the public be notified about redistricting?
7. How can I get involved?
8. Can I submit my own draft map?
9. Do I have to submit a completed map?
10. Can I submit more than one map?
11. What happens to draft maps submitted by the public?
12. What are Communities of Interest (COI)?
13. How can I submit a Community of Interest for consideration?
14. How can I contact the County about redistricting?
15. What do the acronyms and categories mean on the demographic sheets?
16. Where can I learn more about redistricting?
17. What if I do not speak English? // ¿Qué pasa si no hablo inglés?