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1. How do I sign up to pay my bill online with VBS?
2. When will my new User ID and password be activated?
3. How do I enroll additional accounts?
4. What happens to scheduled payments if I delete that account from my enrollment?
5. When can I start making payments?
6. Once enrolled, you can start making payments as soon as you have a bill due. If you have a new account, you will not be able to enroll or make electronic payments until you receive your first paper bi
7. How do I cancel my VBS enrollment?
8. What happens to scheduled payments if I cancel my enrollment?
9. How is my personal and financial information kept safe?
10. Are all computers safe to use?
11. What types of payment are accepted?
12. How do I make a payment?
13. When will my payment be processed?
14. How do I know which payments I've scheduled or completed?
15. Can I pay my balance in full or extend the payment due date?
16. Can I cancel a scheduled payment?
17. What if I forget my User ID or password?
18. How do I change my name, address, phone number, or email?
19. How do I change my bank account information?
20. What happens to scheduled payments if I delete the bank account that was used to set up the payment?
21. How can I confirm if my payment has been processed?
22. How may I contact VBS via the Web or email?
23. What software do I need to use VBS?
24. Can I download my bills into Quicken or MS Money?