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1. When are unsecured property taxes due?
2. What is an unsecured property tax?
3. What type of property is assessed as an unsecured personal property tax bill?
4. What do I have to do to contact someone?
5. What is Unsecured Tax Four Plan?
6. Where do I mail my tax payment?
7. May taxes be paid with a credit card?
8. What is the lien date?
9. What if I no longer own the property?
10. What should I do if I don't receive a tax bill?
11. What if my check is dishonored by the bank?
12. What is the fiscal year?
13. What if I disagree with the tax bill?
14. Do I need to pay the tax bill while appealing or talking with the Assessor about a reduction in the value assessed?
15. What if I don't pay my tax bill prior to delinquency?
16. What happens after I pay a delinquency, on which a lien has been placed?