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Deceased Animal Pickup On Private Property

  1. Use this form to request pickup of a deceased animal located on your private property ONLY.  This is a fee-based service for picking up your pet or wildlife on your property. If the animal is a dog or cat and does not belong to you, there is no fee for pickup.

    Pickup fees range from $75-$225 and disposal fees range from $0-$225.

    Payment must be made prior to pickup. After completing this form, a clerk will call you between Tuesday and Saturday to arrange payment. Pickup will be made 1 - 3 business days from date of payment. 

    Fields marked with an * are required. Anonymous submissions are not accepted.

  2. Do you or anyone you know own this animal?*

    If this is not your owned animal, but is a domestic animal, we will respond to pick it up free of charge.

  3. Your Address

    Please enter your residential address along with the best phone number to reach you to arrange payment. If you live in a gated community or keep pets in your yard, we will use this number to reach you prior to pickup. Pickup times are Monday - Sunday, 9 am - 3 pm.

  4. Antioch residents, please contact Antioch Animal Services at 925-779-6989

  5. Is your property secured by a gate?*
  6. Do you require a phone call before arrival at your residence?*
  7. Do we have your permission to enter your property if you are not home when we arrive?*

    Please secure any pets on the property during the time frame CCAS staff will visit your home.

  8. If you have a photo, please upload it here.
  9. Is there any other information we should know?
  10. We prioritize all of our Field Service calls based on public safety. Deceased animal reports will be handled as quickly as possible, though it may take up to three business days for removal. Please note that CCAS will not conduct deceased animal pickups in areas that pose a safety risk to our staff. These areas include crawl spaces, cliffs, condemned buildings and other unsafe locations. 

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